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How to Care for Trees in the Desert

Keeping trees alive and well during the scorching Phoenix summer months can seem daunting as doing your own taxes. A little knowledge on most common desert trees, you will find that dry land landscaping does not have to be so intimidating. All Desert Gardening is here to assist with your tree care.

Queen Palm Tree:

When you imagine this tall tropical plant, you might picture it near an ocean. Oddly enough, the Arizona desert is riddled with what are called, “Queen Palms.” Many people make the mistake of underestimating just how much water a Queen needs to continue ruling. Those living in Phoenix cannot count on the nature of Arizona to provide enough water for most plants; consequently homeowners must become knowledgeable on how to properly quench their trees’ thirst. 
palm treesThe experts at advise owners to treat the tree like grass. Palm trees are very similar because the roots are not deeply rooted. To ensure the Queen Palm gets proper care this summer abide by the following guidelines:

  • Water 4-5 times per week
  • The amount of water you use should match the size of your tree (for example, a 10 gallon tree should get 10 gallons of water each time).
  • Water early in the day or late at night. Always avoid watering mid-day.
  •  Attach a drip nozzle to the end of your hose (slow-drip is the most effective method of watering).

There are many common trees found in the Arizona desert that require far-less watering than palm trees. Among the most popular are the Blue Palo Verde, and the Ironwood.

Blue Palo Verde

This native tree is the state tree and responsible for beautifully painting many AZ streets with streaks of yellow. The vivid coloring of the Verde’s flowers may trick one into believing that they require a large amount of water; however, the opposite is true. When Blue Palo Verde is young, they require water weekly. Once the tree grows old enough, it is able to last long periods without getting thirsty.

Palo Verde Tree

  • Once your Verde is established, only water when a drought occurs (when the tree receives no rain-water for several months).
  • If you choose to water the Verde more often, you can increase its growth rate.


This tree originates from some of the driest, hottest parts of the desert. It is no wonder that the tree has earned its name “Ironwood,” because, like an iron, it can reach scalding temperatures and still withstand the conditions. The tree can survive in the wild on solely rainwater: in theory you can own a living ironwood and give it no water. However, your tree will grow much faster if you take the following tips:

  • Do not water during the winter months.
  • Beginning in March and ending in October, water once a month.
  • When watering, make sure the entire root zone becomes wet.
  • Use a drip system and try to get as far into the roots as possible.

Even though the desert is known for its cacti, there are still many trees of Arizona landscape that can greatly benefit from a little bit of watering. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your desert tree, feel free to contact All Desert Gardening today 623-215-5607.

September Yard Card


The month of September brings a cooling of temperatures. Time to check your garden/landscaping for the damage from the heat. Planters can become cracked and dry these will need to be replaced. When replanting the planter ensure that the new planter has drainage hole in the bottom, the planter is a little larger than the previous planter, add some good soil to the bottom about ¼, place plant from old planter on top, add new soil on the top, and water. This will allow for the plant to have room to grow, receive added nutrients from new soil, and keep disease down.

Time to prepare for over seeding the summer lawn for winter lawn by stopping fertilizing or add 10 lbs. Ironite for every 1000 square of lawn.  Begin mowing the lawn to a slightly higher.

Trees will need to continue to be watered deeply. Citrus tress needs to be fertilized if not done in the month of August. Trim and clean out citrus trees.

This is the time to preparing beds for flowers and garden is extremely important. Soil must have:

  • Organic matter
  • Stone free
  • Drains well
  • Retains moisture
  • Test soil PH

This is the time of year when we can enjoy our yards in the evening. All the planting and care through the hot summer will provide you with a wonderful oasis through the next six months.

Please feel free to contact All Desert Gardening, your local landscaping company or see Phoenix gardening calendar for assistance with your landscape questions or needs.

August Yard Care
August 6, 2012, 10:34 pm
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Prickly PearAugust continues to be hot, but it is one month closer to the cooler temperatures. The summer growing season really starts during this month. The monsoon brings some relief to hot temperatures, water, and humidity to Phoenix. The storms do provide a great amount of dust, lighting, thunder, and some rain. This is the time many plants really show their summer blooms.

August is a month to consider the following yard care needs:

  • Do not prune or trim plants
  • Plant Bermuda grass if you have not already planted
  • When mowing the grass raise the lawn mower to 2 ½ to 3 inches
  • Fertilize trees and lawn
  • Pecan shade trees need to be water more than other shade trees
  • Roses must be watered more deeply and fertilized less
  • Watering plants early in the morning will create some humidity and provide cooling for the plants during the warmer days
  • Trim dying blooms off flowers, so they continue to bloom
  • Dethatch the lawn if it has been 2 or 3 years since it was done
  • Prepare flower beds

This is the best time to plant desert plants i.e. bougainvillea, yellow bells, oleanders, acacias, cassias, eucalyptus, mesquites, and Palo Verdes. Make sure to water daily for two weeks before cutting back. This is the time to plant for your winter vegetables: snap beans, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, collard greens, corn, cucumbers, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce and more.

All Desert Gardening has the experience and knowledge for your landscaping needs. Please contact us today 623-215-5607 to your landscaping consultation, flowerbeds, and gardens.

Contact: Lamar Mays

Business: All Desert Gardening

Phone Number: 623-215-5607


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